Professional Base Coat top quality from China UV Gel Factory

Short Description:

Professional  Base Coat top quality from China UV Gel Factory 

Production Name : Base Coqat

Brand Name :New Color 

Valume :8ml ,15ml in  bottle 

Type :UV Gel 

Color: Clear

Origin :Factory in Guangdong , China 

  • EXW Price: US $0.3- 2.5 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 67 Pieces 15ml /125 Pieces 8ml
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Day
  • Brand Customized : Available
  • Leading time: 3-25days
  • Product Detail


    Why we declare New Brand Bast Coat be Top Quality ?

    1)  No Texture , strong adhesive force  , that make nail art long lasting for more than 21 days  ; No Chip , No Quit  and No Shrinkage Base Coat Nail Gel ;

    2)  New Brand Base Coat  Strong and protect our ture Nail ;

    3) Easy to Apply , smooth and self-leveling , Clear Enough

    4) Well cured under LED/UV lamp 30s-60s




    Customized Private logo Base Coat 

    1) Customized Base Coat formula , including special Viscosity and others ;

    2) Custmized Packing , like private logo gel polish base coat bottle , gel polish label , base coat box and instruction .

    Hard and Thin Base Coat



    What is the effect of nail gel base coat ?

    Base Coat is also a kind of  UV GEL . It is a clear with adhesive components. It is mainly used as the intermediate layer between the color coating gel polish  and the real nail,

    as well as the isolation layer between the color coating and the real nail.Isolation  the migration of pigment to the true armor surface.

    What should I pay attention to to prevent shedding?


    What should we pay attention to to prevent gel polish /Nail Art /Manicure Design shedding?

    That’s before we apply Base Coat ,

    1) Smooth the surface of the nail ,  If you don’t polish them off, they’ll get bumpy, Nail polish is easy to come off ~ so you need it ;

    2) Clear the surface of Ture Nail

    3) Cap that nail edge When apply Base Coat

    4) Don’t Apply Base Gel too much , just a thin layer will be fine , to in case of Gel polish Shrinkage

    5) Use same brand Base Coat / Color Gel Polish /Top Coat , that’s same three step gel from same UV Gel Factory

    Or Use Primer or Bonder before Base Gel 


    Do gel nail polish air dry ? The answer is no , the ingredient of gel polish is UV resin and don’t contain volatile matter in it  , so it’s health for our body , and cann’t air dry ;


    How to remove gel nail polish at home ?

    File the top coat and apply remover packed in your nail for 3-5mins , then clear it by a pusher

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    Tips :

    Remember to cap that nail edge for each coating , whatever base /top coating or  color coating  ;

    Don’t apply uv gel on the skin or cuticle;

    If you would like gel more long lasting in nail , a thin layer of bonder/primer could be apply before New color brand  base coat


    New Brand Gel Nail Polish are all for oversea market , like USA , UK , France , Itlay ,Netherland , all Euro Country .There are more than 1500 colors are available , full manicure gel including  gel polish color coating , base coat , top coat , cat eyes gel , platinum gel , glitter gel polish , Macaron gel , painting nail art gel , builder gel , hard nail extension gel , color changing gel , foils transfer gel , transfer gel and so on .







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