• Where to find the best supplier for Nail Gel polish business ?

    In recent years, nail gel art products are very popular in market . It become a very good big potential business,  if you are considering doing business in this field, it is the right time now.  Finding a good gel polish manufacturer will be very helpful for you to open the market to win the mark...
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  • What is the difference between nail oil polish and nail gel polish?

    About the difference between nail oil polish and nail UV gel polish ? With the development of the beauty industry, manicure has developed its own system. NEW COLOR BEAUTY will explain the difference between nail oil polish and nail UV gel from a more professional perspective. NEW COLOR BEAUTY is...
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  • What is the difference between nail oil polish, nail UV gel polish and pure gel ?

    Abouth nail oil polish, nail UV gel polish and pure gel After using so many nail products, do you know the difference between nail oil polish, nail UV gel polish and pure gel  ? Nail Oil polish Ingredients: The main components are 70%-80% volatile solvents, about 15% nitrocellulose, a small amou...
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  • Is nail gel polish products are in good market ?

    In recent years, with the continuous growth of residents’ income and expenditure and the gradual improvement of living standards, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the quality of life, and the concept of women’s love for beauty and the pursuit of fashion has been str...
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  • How to use UV gel nail polish ?

    How to use UV gel nail polish ? From professional manufacturer for UV nail gel polish products Nail art is a work of beautifying and beautifying on the fingertips. It is matched according to hand shape, nail shape, skin color and clothing. First, the collocation of commonly used armour and ha...
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  • UV nail Gel polish Manufacturer

    What is called UV nail gel polish ? UV Nail Gel is also known as photosensitive glue, UV curing glue. Shadowless glue is a type of adhesive that must be cured by ultraviolet light irradiation. It can be used as an adhesive, and can also be used as a glue for paints, coatings, inks, etc. UV is th...
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  • Cooperate with Nail UV Gel Polish manufacturer ?

    Q: The development of nail gel polish is gradually replacing nail oil polish, so what are the advantages of UV gel nail polish? Solvent-free, removable, odorless and environmentally friendly. Strong adhesion, good toughness, no shrinkage, no cracking. Compared with traditional nail polish, nail ...
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  • How to find a good nail gel polish wholesaler ?

    How to find a good reliable supplier for UV nail gel products business ? As currently more and more popular nail art with UV gel polish in market ,  specially among female. Could see it would be a very big potential market . When you are reading this article , means you are keen to get to know wh...
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  • Why nail gel polish is so popular currently ?

    Why nail gel polish is so popular currently ? Nail art become very popular nowadays. No matter Female or male, although most female now, but for male, also more and more like to do nail art . Nail UV gel polish is a familiar nail art product. It is developed by combining the characteristics of n...
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  • What is the difference between cheap and expensive nail gel polish?

    In the world of UV gel nail polishes, there is a wide variety of colors, formulas, finishes and prices.But what’s the difference between cheap UV nail polish at the drugstore and a $50 bottle of designer brand at a luxury department store, plus a mainstream salon and an independent nail gel...
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  • What is one-step Nail gel ?

    At present, there are many products in the nail enhancement market, from nail oil polish to phototherapy UV gel polish.Products not only push through the old and bring forth the new, but also constantly improve. Solve the problems of environmental protection, gloss and adhesion. The adven...
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  • Do not use top coat nail gel ?

    It is okay to not use top coat gel after the manicure. There is no rigid requirement for manicure with top coat gel, but if want the manicure to be more durable and beautiful, every step cannot be omitted. Doing the sealing layer with top coat gel glue can make the manicure last longer, and it wi...
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