• How to know a nail gel manufacturer is good to work with ?

    In current gel nail polish items supply global market , finding a good supplier to work together is not that easy , it refers to a lot things together. 1. Fast delivery ; 2.Fast service if any problems for production, after-sales, shipment etc. 3.Well noted any procedure for global shipments; 4....
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  • Nail Gel polish manufacturer shows you how to distinguish good and bad Gel nail polish

    Nail polish manufacturer show you how to distinguish good and bad nail polish : Observe:  A. The color B. Material C. Thickness of Gel polish   1. Color: The color tone of the nail polish is the basic parameter we choose. Generally speaking, the lower the color cast, the better the quali...
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  • Gel Nail Polish Products Supplier

    What is the nail gel polish ? Nail Gel Polish is widely used in the nail art application industry. Compared with general nail oil polish, it has the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxicity, safety and health, and the common advantages of matching glue and nail polish. At this s...
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  • Some people say that doing Gel Nail Polish too often is harmful to the body, is this true?

    Now more and more people are beginning to like Nail Gel polish (manicures), but some people say that frequent manicures are harmful to the body. Is this really the case? 1. Nails can’t breathe after manicure, easy to cause cancer? Many people misunderstand the concept of “nail breathi...
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  • New Color Beauty Manufacturer for Nail Gel Polish products

    Company philosophy New Color Beauty is a professional manufacturer of nail polish glue. We are committed to creating the Top One in the gel nail polish industry. The company’s mission is to provide professional packaging, OEM, OEM, OEM, design, color matching and other services for nail pol...
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  • The difference between various nail gel polish products?

    Difference: different types, different characteristics, different usage methods. A. Different types 1. Gel Nail polish refers to the replacement of nail oil polish, which needs to be illuminated and removable. Due to its special characteristics, nail gel polish is more durable than ordinary nai...
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  • What is the difference between nail gel polish and cat eye gel polish?

    The difference of nail gel polish and cat eye gel polish Cat’s eye gel is an upgraded product of gel nail polish. The main component of nail gel polish is natural resin, and magnet powder is added to cat eye gel, which can form a light band effect after being reflected by light, which loo...
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  • The basic steps to getting a manicure with nail gel polish

    For girls, hands are the second face of a girl. Except for their own face, all manicures have become something that every girl will do. If you do manicures at home, what are the correct steps? ?You will know after reading it! Doing manicure with gel nail polish  is not something that can be done...
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  • Best reliable nail gel polish manufacturer for business

    As gel polish products are becoming very popular these days,  Male or Female both like to do nail art nowadays, could see the market is very big .We believe that it would become bigger and bigger ,so if you are doing this business or want to do this field business now, really it is a very good ti...
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  • Where to find the best supplier for Nail Gel polish business ?

    In recent years, nail gel art products are very popular in market . It become a very good big potential business,  if you are considering doing business in this field, it is the right time now.  Finding a good gel polish manufacturer will be very helpful for you to open the market to win the mark...
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  • What is the difference between nail oil polish and nail gel polish?

    About the difference between nail oil polish and nail UV gel polish ? With the development of the beauty industry, manicure has developed its own system. NEW COLOR BEAUTY will explain the difference between nail oil polish and nail UV gel from a more professional perspective. NEW COLOR BEAUTY is...
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  • What is the difference between nail oil polish, nail UV gel polish and pure gel ?

    Abouth nail oil polish, nail UV gel polish and pure gel After using so many nail products, do you know the difference between nail oil polish, nail UV gel polish and pure gel  ? Nail Oil polish Ingredients: The main components are 70%-80% volatile solvents, about 15% nitrocellulose, a small amou...
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