• Nail extension gel and nail slices

    What is the difference between nail extension gel and nail slices? Ordinary nails are made of artificial nails, which are applied for patching. The specific processing methods are divided into full patch and half patch. Half patch is slightly more complicated than full patch. To extend the nail, ...
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  • How to use cat eye nail polish magnet to create charming nails ?

    Cat eye nail polish nail art is a popular style of nail art, which is very popular among young women. Cat eye nail polish makes the effect like cat eyes. So, how to use cat eye nail polish magnet? What is the difference between cat’s eye nail polish and general nail polish? Let’s take...
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  • How does the paperless extension nail gel work ?

    Many girls have short and small nails, and the type is not very beautiful, show you how to do a nail extension : Step 1: Preparation 1. Trim your nail bed first. Be careful. After trimming, your nails will look better. But be careful not to trim both sides of the nails, wait for the extension to...
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  • How to remove nail gel faster from your nails?

    The packaging of nail polish gel is similar to traditional nail polish, and it is directly operated with its own brush. However, because the nail polish can be cured by light, the outside of the nail polish bottle must be painted to prevent light transmission. It is non-toxic, odorless and envir...
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  • The difference between light therapy color gel and nail polish gel

    The components of the two are different: 1. The composition of the phototherapy color gel: the main component is an oligomer of acrylic resin that is cured by ultraviolet light. 2. The ingredients of nail polish gel (also called nail gel): base resin, photoinitiator, and various additives (such a...
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  • The world of nail gel polish

    What exactly is the nail polish? Nail polish gel, also known as UV nail polish gel, is an upgraded product of nail polish. The composition of nail gel  includes a base resin, a photoinitiator, and various additives (such as pigments and dyes, rheology modifiers, and other additives). Focus on acc...
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  • Newcolor nail gel polish redefines the style of female fingertips

    Since the establishment of the “Newcolor” brand, the brand has established a R&D team of dozens of people and a coloring team of nail technicians with the concept of “discovering beauty with nature, manufacturing beauty with professionalism, and enjoying beauty with products...
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  • What is nail gel polish ? Where to buy for business ?

    What is nail gel polish: Another name for nail gel polish is nail lacquer, which evolved from paint and can be applied directly on the nails to make the nails brighter and beautify. The role of nail polish gel is the same as nail oil, but the composition is completely different. It is a kind of p...
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  • Have you done nail art with UV nail gel ?

    Most people know that nail polish is applied when doing nail art, but what exactly is this layer of nail polish? Nail polish gel is also known as UV nail polish gel, which is an upgraded product of nail polish. The composition of nail polish gel includes base resin, photoinitiator, and various ad...
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  • Strengthen gel nail gel and uv Top coat gel are used in which step

    The types and procedure of nail gel polish commonly used in nail art are: base coat gel~Strengthen gel~2 step and 3 step nail polish gel~Top coat gel Strengthen nail gel and top coat gel are two essential nail gel in nail art. Because of their different functions, the steps used are also diff...
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  • Knowledge of UV Nail Gel Polish manufacturing

    Nail Gel Polish Nail Gel polish, also known as nail UV polish, has been widely used in the nail industry in recent years. Due to the characteristics of nail polish itself compared with general nail oil polishes, New color beauty gel Nail polish is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, healthy and ...
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  • The Nail Art with using UV gel polish, the colors are beautiful and amazing

    Girls love beauty by nature. It is worthwhile to dress yourself up every day. In addition to focusing on dressing, you can also try various styles of Nail Art by using Uv Gel Polish to make yourself more varied. As the best manufacturer of UV gel products , we here show some attractive several sy...
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