• Can I use top coat gel instead of base coat gel ?

    If you do not have a base coat gel, you can use a top coat gel instead. The base coat and the top coat are both transparent nail polish and similar in texture, and they are very strong after application, so if you do not have a base coat gel, you can completely replace it with a top coat. Or You ...
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  • The whole process of making transparent extension nail

    How to use extension nail gel for long nail art ? 1. Grind and clean the nail surface longitudinally with the sand bar, then use the PH balance liquid to remove the nail surface grease, and apply a thin layer of primer. You may ask, why do you need to apply a balance liquid? The balance liquid is...
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  • What is the difference between nail gel polish and nail oil polish?

    What is the difference between nail gel polish and nail oil polish? Today’s nail industry continues to develop, and nail products are also being updated. So we will come across various brands of nail gel polish and nail oil polish , but for many nail lovers, they still don’t understand the ...
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  • The base cost gel and top coat nail gel

    The difference between the base coat and the top coat of nail art is: different functions, different procedure of use, and different ways of use. One, the role is different 1. Nail art base coat gel is a transitional effect. Mainly to protect the nails and isolate the nail gel polish from eros...
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  • The correct way to attract cats eye gel nail polish with magnet

    What is cat eye nail gel polish ? Cats eye nail polish, as the name suggests, is made to look like cat’s eyes. It can show different light and shadow under the change of light, and it is like an opal on the hand to attract attention. 1. When using cat eye gel nail polish, it is best to u...
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  • Have you done the right way to store the nail gel?

    Nail  gel polish can generally be stored for a long time, and the shelf life is three to five years when it is not opened. But it needs to be preserved after opening. Improper preservation will greatly shorten the service life of the nail polish. Imagine if there is a large bottle of nail polish ...
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  • How to remove the nail polish ?

    How to unload the nail polish? How to easily remove nail glue from fingernails? Another name for nail oil polish is nail lacquer, which is a kind of paint that can be applied directly on the nails to make the nails brighter and beautify. The role of nail polish gel is the same as that of nail oi...
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  • Nail polish detail skills and treatment

    How can nail polish have particles? A: There is no brush to remove the dust after engraving, and particles will be generated if the dust is not completely removed.The correct way: After carving and grinding, use a brush to remove dust from the surface.   B: The application speed is too fast, it ...
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  • Steps of cat eye nail polish

    Showing the Steps of cat eye nail polish below for you : Cat’s eye glue is an upgraded product of nail polish. Magnet powder is added to cat’s eye gel, which can form a light band effect after being reflected by light, which looks similar to opal. The Steps of cat eye nail polish: ...
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  • What is the correct procedure for nail polish nail art?

    Modification First use a standard file to trim the nail to the designed shape, and then pay attention to the nail tip to remove and clean the finger debris with a sponge file to prevent the nail polish glue from sticking to the finger debris and causing the nail tip to quickly rise and fall off. ...
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  • What need to buy for own nail art ?

    Many friends have been to nail salons a few times, and they all have the idea of ​​making nails at home. So what do you need to buy to make nails yourself? The tools that need to be bought are divided into two categories here, let’s take a look at which tools you need to buy for nail art. ...
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  • The difference between nail gel polish and nail oil

    Nowadays, nail art is usually phototherapy products. Contains nail polish gel, filling gel, painted gel, carved mud, etc. It should be dried by a therapeutic machine. Phototherapy machine The gel nail polish  and nail oil in the phototherapy category are not the same. The previously mentioned n...
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