• Gel Nail manufacturer show you how to pay attention on nail art with gel polish?

    Pay attention in winter for nail gel polish on your nails ? New color beauty -the professional gel nail UV polish supplier would show you as follows : 1. The nail piece should not be too long; 2. Frequently massage the skin of the nail root; 3. The nail polish is thinner; 4. If it is made of Fren...
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  • What kind of nail UV gel polish is recommended for opening a nail salon?

    Nail art UV gel Nail art gel, also known as nail polish gel, is a kind of gel commonly used in the nail art industry on the market. Because the nail polish gel can be cured by light, the nail polish bottles are all light-proof outer packaging. It is a solvent-free, colorful, and environmentally f...
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  • Difference between nail oil polish and nail UV gel polish

    Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to nail art, and nail art products are also being updated. However, for most nail art lovers, nail oil polish and nail gel polish are still indistinguishable, although there is only one word difference. But the difference is a thousand miles away! Let...
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  • UV gel nail poilsh Manufacturer

    NEW COLOR BEAUTY is mainly engaged in nail polish base materials, color pastes and chemical raw materials. In order to better serve our customers, after years of intensive cultivation and meticulous work, NEW COLOR BEAUTY has gradually developed into the largest nail polish base material producti...
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  • Women are willing to spend more money on nails, and the nail gel art market will exceed 90 billion yuan by 2024

    The purchasing power and consumption upgrade trend of the female group is not only reflected in the field of skin care and cosmetics, but also promotes the rapid development of the gel nail polish art industry. Recently, ReportByuer, an industrial information decision-making company in London, U...
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  • How to choose the good UV nail gel polish products ?

    People in the nail art industry know that good quality nail art gel is the same key as nail art technology, but nail art glue is as uneven as nail art shops, making nail art shops have choices when choosing. So, what brand of nail UV gel is good? What brand of nail gel are used by many nail brand...
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  • How to use nail extension gel ?

    How to use nail extension gel ? Gel Nail Art has always been a thing that many female friends are very interested in. There are many styles of nail gel art, which can make your hands look more beautiful. So, do I need to apply base coat gel first when using extension gel ? Do I need to apply bas...
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  • Precautions for applying nail gel polish

    In recent years, nail polish has become a leader in the nail art trend due to its variety of styles, long-term retention, excellent detachability, high gloss, and environmental and healthy product formulas. But sometimes the nail gel polish that took a certain amount of time and money to make it ...
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  • Know more about nail gel polish products

    Nail gel polish composition Made from acrylate, phenylacetone, organic pigments, initiators, etc., it is non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly. The raw material of the nail polish gel is derived from light-curing resin, which is non-toxic, healthy and safe, and has the common advantag...
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  • Steps to use reinforcing gel and top coat gel in the nail art process

    ① The role of primer(base coat gel): Apply primer on the polished nail surface to protect the nails, isolate the nail polish from erosion, and can also be used as an adhesive to enhance the adhesion of the nail polish on the nail. ② The role of reinforcing gel: reinforcing nail gel is not a nec...
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  • The specific types of nail polish (Barbie glue, QQ nail polish)

    The specific types of nail gel polish (Barbie glue, QQ nail polish) are as follows: 1. Solid color nail gel polish (pure color nail polish) 2. Colorful gel nail polish (sequin nail polish) 3. Fluorescent nail gel polish (it will be very seductive and bright under ultraviolet light) 4. Luminous ge...
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  • Nail gel polish Art techniques

    When pulling the line, you need to keep the strength of your hand even. Find a place to fix your wrist and don’t shake it. Dip the right amount of nail polish with a drawing pen, then draw your favorite pattern and you’re done. Many people like to make their own nail art at home, so...
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