What is the difference between nail gel polish and nail oil polish?

What is the difference between nail gel polish and nail oil polish?

Today’s nail industry continues to develop, and nail products are also being updated. So we will come across various brands of nail gel polish and nail oil polish , but for many nail lovers, they still don’t understand the difference between nail gel polish and nail oil polish. , But the gap between them is still very big!

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Nail Oil polish

Ingredients: 70%-80% volatile solvent, about 15% nitrocellulose, a small amount of oily solvent, camphor, titanium dioxide and oil-soluble pigments.

Function: The solvent contained in the nail polish volatilizes to form a colored film, which can show color after being attached to the nail.

Features: No light is needed, so the nail polish is usually placed in a transparent bottle and sealed when stored.

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Nail Gel Polish

Ingredients & Function: The main ingredients are natural resin and some color materials. This material will solidify under UV light irradiation instead of volatilizing. It will form a plastic-like film.

Features: gloss, abrasion resistance and firmness are better than nail polish. The most important thing is that it hardly emits gas, is basically odorless, and only takes one or two minutes to dry. And can make more different nail styles.

But the nail polish Gel should be placed in an opaque bottle and stored away from light.

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What are the advantages of nail Gel polish?

1. Nail oil polish smells bad, long-term use will cause damage to the nails, dissolution is the yellowing of the nails, etc., and it is easy to fall off during the maintenance period. The gloss, abrasion resistance and firmness of the nail gel polish are better than nail oil polish. The most important thing is that it hardly emits gas, does not have too much taste, and is healthy and non-toxic.

2. In the past, when MM applied nail oil polish, he would slowly stretch out his fingers and wait for it to dry slowly. Nail Gel polish dries fast and  only takes a minute with Lamp.

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Is the operation troublesome?

In fact, the operation of nail gel polish is really simple. And the nail gel polish has a characteristic, its viscosity and fluidity make you better use it! Means It will brush evenly than nail oil polish!

The easiest process of gel nail polish is not much different from nail oil polish, just the process of drying with Lamp. (But the process of drying with lamp is actually equivalent to the time it takes you to dry naturally).

Nail polish: base oil–color nail oil–bright oil

Nail polish: base coat gelcolor gelTop coat gel

Nail Gel polish is stronger than nail Oil polish, and it can last for 3 weeks or more.

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How to remove the nail gel polish?

First, use a cotton pad soaked in nail remover to wrap the nails (or directly soak the nails), wrap with tin foil and wait for 20 minutes. After it softens, use a beech stick or other tools to gently push the color gel, then polish to remove the residue and clean Cleans the surface of the nails with an agent.

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