Tips for gel nail art polish without using the lamp

The little fairy who often does nail art with nail gel polish products should know that every time the nail gel is applied, it needs to be heated and solidified in a baking lamp, so do you know what are the tips for operating the nail gel polish at home without baking the lamp?

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Generally, nail salons turn on the nail gel after using the nail base coat , mainly because the nail gel contains a component that solidifies when exposed to light. This ingredient determines that the nail gel will dry quickly after baking the lamp for 30 seconds. And nail gel  is harder and more shiny than nail oil. The subsequent bonding agent, colored nail polish and sealing layer all need ultraviolet light to harden.

However, if you are not willing to buy a baking lamp, you can try other ways to harden the nail gel.

Tips for counting nail gel polish without baking lights:

Tip 1: Use a UV flashlight

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Under normal circumstances, when applying nail art gel , you need a light to make it dry quickly. If you let it dry naturally, it will take a long time. It will affect the nail art effect and waste time, so there is no professional baking lamp. , You can consider other lighting equipment such as a portable ultraviolet flashlight that can distinguish fluorescent agents or counterfeit money.
It should be noted here that after applying the primer, you should use a flashlight to illuminate the lamp at close range for 30 seconds; after drying, apply a thin colored nail glue, and illuminate the lamp for 1-3 minutes depending on the situation and when to proceed to the next step; apply the second time and repeat The last step; after the seal is applied, in order to increase the gloss and firmness, it is necessary to perform long-term lighting again. After it is completely cured, rub the surface of the nail glue with alcohol and you are done.

Tip 2: Blow dry with a hair dryer

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Common nail gel curing is ultraviolet radiation on the one hand, and temperature heating on the other, so when there is no baking lamp, you can use solar ultraviolet rays and a hair dryer.
After applying the primer, irradiate it in a place where the sun can be exposed to the sun, and then hold the heat of the hair dryer and blow it away. After a little solidification, blow it closer; the next step is almost the same as a normal nail art. Be sure to pay attention to the wind power of the hair dryer, and be careful not to blow nail gel.

Small coup three, choose free base coat gel and ordinary incandescent lamps

Now the market also considers the relationship of making nail art at home, and has introduced some non-baking primer products. If you want to make gel nail polish  and do not have a baking lamp, you can buy such a non-baking type. The next step can use ordinary incandescent lamps. The lamp is used for curing, but ordinary table lamps are not as direct and concentrated as professional baking lamps, so the lighting time must be extended a lot, and the nail glue must be hardened before the next step can be applied.

Small coup four, in theory, mobile phone lights can also work

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The principle used when making nail gel  is that the nail polish absorbs ultraviolet rays or rays shorter than its wavelength, and it will be photochemically solidified. Therefore, the spectrum of mobile phone lighting can also be theoretically satisfied, but the required lighting time is not very certain. That’s all, it may take a long time to harden.
In fact, since I am determined to make nail gel polish at home, for the effect and beauty of nail gel art, it is better to configure a professional baking lamp. Even if the other lights or small tricks can achieve the nail art effect, they still need a long photo. The nail surface may be uneven, uneven, or semi-dry.

to sum up:
The above is the answer to the tips of nail gel without baking lights. Of course, these tips are also affected by the humidity and temperature of the external environment. Generally speaking, summer is more conducive to achieving

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Post time: Feb-22-2021

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