The whole process of making transparent extension nail

How to use extension nail gel for long nail art ?

1. Grind and clean the nail surface longitudinally with the sand bar, then use the PH balance liquid to remove the nail surface grease, and apply a thin layer of primer. You may ask, why do you need to apply a balance liquid? The balance liquid is commonly known as a desiccant, which is used to make the nail surface dry and make the primer and nail surface more adherent.

extension gel nail polish

2. After applying the primer, illuminate the lamp for 60 seconds, and then you can put the paper support, pay attention! The paper support must be stuck under the real armor, and there must be no gaps or disconnections.

3. Apply the transparent gel from the smile line on the nail surface and apply it to the fingertips in a zigzag pattern.

4. The application must be patient, preferably with a moderate thickness, and then illuminate the lamp for 15 seconds. Note that you can’t illuminate the lamp for too long, otherwise it will affect the shaping effect behind.

extension nail gel

5. Use plastic clips to create a beautiful C-shape.

6. After shaping, the paper holder can be removed. Just after removing the paper holder, the look may not be very beautiful!

7. Everyone knows that the transparent gel is not completely dry, so after removing the paper support, we need to clean the nail surface with a little gel, and then use the sand strip to repair the shape.

8. After repairing the type A, put on the topcoat gel and illuminate the lamp for 60 seconds. Our extension nail is beautifully finished! In order to keep it longer, you must operate professionally and choose a better extension gel! Otherwise it is easy to break, and it is easy to hurt the real armor!

builder gel

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Post time: Jul-20-2021

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