Teach you how to remove nail gel polish from your nails scientifically at home~

I still remember seeing a lot of people complaining about the new year at the beginning of the New Year. Due to the Covid-19, I didn’t expect that after a set of pajamas, the manicure and dyed hair that were lined up for the new year were all in vain.

At that time, Z comforted everyone as long as they were in a good mood, the money was not wasted. But after a month has passed, a new problem has arisen: the nails have grown by almost one-third, and the nails are awkward if they stay on them, and the nail salons are not open. What can I do for the nail with done nail gel polish ?

gel nail polish

Ladies who usually like to make nail art know that nail gel polish is different from ordinary nail polish. When you go to the store to remove it, you must be carefully polished by the manicurist to remove it. This is because the surface of the nail has a sealant, which is responsible for the nail. The teacher even coats the edges of the nails with a sealant to keep them longer.

We usually don’t have professional sanding machines at home, but ordinary sanding paper is also available. It is recommended to choose a rubbing strip with stronger frosting ability for careful polishing. The polishing time is variable. Z’s experience is that as long as the surface is not shiny, it is almost the same.

What if there is no matte paper at home? You can see that many nail clippers have their own polishing layer, but the kind is relatively narrow, and there is no special nail scrubbing stick for easy operation

uv gel supply

Then start the formal nail removal process. Uv gel polish is not the same as ordinary nail polish. It is best to buy professional nail remover or nail polish kit. Now it’s not easy to go out to buy, fairies just do it online.

Nail remover can be poured into a small cup, and then soak your fingers for 8-10 minutes and then take it out; the operation of the nail bag is much simpler, just open and wrap the ten fingers, usually 15 minutes.

gel uv polish

After the “baptism” of nail polish remover, the gel polish becomes soft. At this time, gently push the edge and it will turn up, and then push it slowly to the end with a steel pusher, and the nail glue will be removed successfully.

If there are still residues, use a rubbing strip to lightly sand. Finally, don’t forget to polish and apply nutrient oil. The gloss of the newly removed perfect nail is not good and a bit fragile, and it will slowly recover in a few days.

gel polish

But in fact, polishing the nails by yourself is quite easy to get hurt, so Z feels that if you do a single-color or skip-color nails (not the kind with many complicated patterns), the fairies who have nail polish at home can also make up the colors themselves.

Find the nail polish color number that is similar to the nail color, and then apply a few more layers to the part that has grown, and then apply some bright nail polish to the entire nail surface. The effect should be good.

Gel polish business

However, although the above is convenient and easy to say, the actual operation may not be as good as going to a nail salon, so there is another way to cut off the grown nails.

Lazy Cancer Z made monochromatic red nails during the Chinese New Year. I feel that I can still see it after cutting a third. I think I can hardly go out now, so I grow and cut slowly. It doesn’t seem to matter?

color gel nail polish

All in all, whether the fairies personally unload them or plan to keep them like this, be careful not to pick nail glue! Originally, scientific nail removal does not cause great damage to the nails, but if you force it off, it is easy to damage the nail bed or even inflammation.

And if it’s a simple manicure like Z this time, and it doesn’t matter if you keep it longer, it is still recommended that fairies keep the good habit of trimming regularly to avoid accumulation of dirt in the nails, which is not good for the body~


Post time: Nov-23-2020

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