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Nail polish UV gel , has been widely used in the nail industry in recent years. Due to the characteristics of nail polish itself compared with ordinary nail polishes, the UV gel nail polish is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, healthy and safe. In addition, it Compatible with the common advantages of glue and nail polish, full and clear color, easy to apply, and longer-lasting gloss, so nail polish gradually replaced nail oil polish.

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Basic Information
Nail UV gel polish is the material basis to realize “phototherapy nail art”. At present, the nail gel, which is widely used in nail art, that is, UV light curing gel material, is favored by nail art people because of its light weight, good toughness, not easy to break, and long holding time.

History development

Chinese women used beeswax, protein and gelatin to make cosmetics for nails in 1000 BC. Hand maintenance and nail modification have long been a symbol of human social status, and nails are the most exciting part of the hand. In the 1930s, nail beauty in the modern sense began to appear in Europe and America. As a result, a variety of fashionable nail art methods have emerged, and they have become popular all over the world for their simplicity and individuality. In the 1980s, with the continuous maturity of UV curing technology, a new nail beauty technology, commonly called “phototherapy nail art” in my country, appeared in Europe and America. The 21st century has also developed rapidly, especially in the past ten years, the market has become increasingly commonplace. With the introduction of “phototherapy nail art” technology, nail beauty places in cities and towns in our country have gradually risen up with nail glue gel products.

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The gel material of nail gel is used for nail gel “strengthening” and nail gel “modification”. The concept of gel “strengthening” means that nail art can change the shape of the original natural nail (natural nail); the concept of gel “modification” is that the nail art can change the appearance and color of the original natural nail, but it is coated with gel Does not increase the length of nails.

Product Usage
When used for phototherapy manicure, replace nail oil polish to beautify nails.

Product Categories
According to the effect of nail art, nail art glue is divided into three types: base coat adhesive, colored middle coat and surface top coat sealant.

1. Rub strip-simple shape modification
2. Polishing strips-polishing the nail surface
3. Upper layer of primer
4. Bake for 30 seconds with dual light sources
5. The first layer of color
6. Bake in the dual light source lamp for 30 seconds
7, the second layer of color
8. Bake for 30 seconds in the dual light source lamp
9. Sealing layer
10. Bake in the dual light source lamp for one minute
11. Finish

Main ingredients
Base resin, photoinitiator, and various additives (such as pigments and dyes, rheology modifiers, adhesion promoters, tougheners, monomer diluents, crosslinkers, solvents), etc.

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For example, judging whether the nail art glue is good or bad has a lot to do with the quality of the gel nail art glue itself. In addition, a longer retention time on the nail is also one of the judgment criteria. Correct application of the nail art glue is also very important.

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: The development of nail gel polish is gradually replacing nail oil polish, so what are the advantages of nail gel UV polish?
1. Solvent-free, removable, tasteless and environmentally friendly.
2. Strong adhesion, good toughness, no shrinkage, no cracking, compared with traditional oil nail polish, nail gel polish glue can last longer.
3. Due to its own characteristics, the nail polish glue has strong plasticity, the nail patterns made are diversified, and the temperature change glue is affected by the temperature and ultraviolet rays in different environments. The finished nail pattern will change color to meet the needs of different customers.

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