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Cat’s eye glue is an upgraded product of nail polish. Magnet powder is added to cat’s eye gel, which can form a light band effect after being reflected by light, which looks similar to opal.

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The Steps of cat eye nail polish:

1. Exfoliate, disinfect and remove grease.

2. Gently polish the surface of the nail to clean the nail.

3. Apply bonding agent and illuminate the phototherapy lamp for 1 minute.

4. Apply cat-eye nail polish with a moderate thickness and place it on the surface of the nail polish with a special cat-eye magnet stick, close to but not touching it, just like operating the phantom nail polish, the effect will appear immediately after three seconds. Light the phototherapy lamp for 3 minutes to finalize the shape.

5. After removing the top and removing the sealing layer, shine the light for 3 minutes, wipe the residue on the surface with clean gel water to get a shiny surface, just like cat eyes, piercing and energetic.

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Precautions for cats eye nail polish:

The correct way to operate the cats eye nail polish is to suck one finger and illuminate the lamp once, and then do the next finger. Because cat’s eye nail polish contains magnetic particles, the magnet that attracts cat’s eyes is a powerful magnet. The distance between two fingers is so close. If you suck the next one without curing with the lamp, the finger that has absorbed the cat’s eye effect will suck a finger on the magnet. When the effect is affected by the magnet.

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