Nail Gel polish manufacturer shows you how to distinguish good and bad Gel nail polish

Nail polish manufacturer show you how to distinguish good and bad nail polish :


  • A. The color
  • B. Material
  • C. Thickness of Gel polish

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  • 1. Color: The color tone of the nail polish is the basic parameter we choose. Generally speaking, the lower the color cast, the better the quality of the nail polish when comparing the color chart with the actual color!The color charts are all handmade, and it is difficult to express the essence of a glue. We should personally brush it in our hands, and then see if the color is bright and the color is well-proportioned.
  • 2.Thickness: To put it simply, a thin layer of glue can be evenly colored, which is a good glue.
  • 3.Material: The raw material of nail polish is prepared by base glue and paint color paste. If it is made, it is found that it cannot be combined very well, and there may even be layers. The quality of this nail polish must not be very good!

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No matter how beautiful the bottle is or how bright the color chart is, you must try it yourself when choosing nail polish. Only by applying it on your own nails can you truly experience the properties of this cup of nail polish.

A better nail polish should have a moderate viscosity, the brush is neat and not rough, and it is particularly smooth when brushed. After the color glue passes through the baking lamp, the surface is smooth and there is a little floating glue, but the color cannot be stained by hand. , and there is no shrinkage and wrinkling.

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