Nail extension gel and nail slices

What is the difference between nail extension gel and nail slices?

Ordinary nails are made of artificial nails, which are applied for patching. The specific processing methods are divided into full patch and half patch. Half patch is slightly more complicated than full patch. To extend the nail, use the nail extension paper holder and the extension glue to make only the nail extension part, and then plasticize it with a phototherapy machine to achieve the visual effect of extending the nail.

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How to use nail extension gel ,buider gel 

First, put the rim and primer on the nails. After putting the paper support on the nails, you can apply the first layer of nail extension gel. After drying, apply a layer of extension gel to dry, then remove the paper support, and finally extend it Cover your nails with a sealing layer and bake them again.

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How to remove nail extension gel,builder gel

1. Cut off the excess nail extension gel first, then dip a cotton ball into the nail remover and apply it on the surface of the nail, and wrap the cotton ball and nail with tin foil.
2. Take it off after about 20 minutes, and polish the nail with a file and polishing strip.
3. Finally, clean the nails, apply nutrient oil and massage until absorbed.
4. Then use a file to polish the surface of the nail to completely remove the nail extension gel on the surface of the nail.
5. Polish the nails in the order of black, white, and gray with a polishing strip.
6. After cleaning the nails, apply nutrient oil and massage until absorbed.

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Post time: Apr-30-2021

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