How to use cat eye nail polish magnet to create charming nails ?

Cat eye nail polish nail art is a popular style of nail art, which is very popular among young women. Cat eye nail polish makes the effect like cat eyes. So, how to use cat eye nail polish magnet? What is the difference between cat’s eye nail polish and general nail polish? Let’s take a look together.

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How to use cat eye nail polish magnet

First, peel off the fingers, disinfect, polish the surface of the nails, clean the nails, apply a removable primer, use a phototherapy lamp for 2 minutes, and then rinse with a cleaning gel. Then apply cat-eye nail polish of moderate thickness, place it on the nail polish surface with a special cat-eye magnet stick, close to but not touch it, it will have an effect after 1.5 seconds, and then use the phototherapy lamp for 3 minutes to shape. Finally, wipe the residue on the surface with clean gel water to get a shiny surface, just like a cat’s eye.

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What is cat eye nail polish

A glue for nails. Cat’s eye glue is a new technology derived from nail polish. The magnet powder in the cat’s eye glue will be absorbed and gathered under the action of a magnet. The effect of nails can show different light and shadow under the change of light, and it is like an opal on the hand to attract attention.

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The difference between cat’s eye nail polish and general nail polish

The lasting effect is different, and the taste is basically the same. Cat’s eye nail polish can last for about 15 days, which is longer than normal nail polish. The cat’s eye nail polish needs to be put into the nail lamp to dry it immediately after inhalation, otherwise the cat’s eye glue will slowly disappear.

Precautions for cat eye nail polish

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To use cat-eye nail polish, just apply it once, not too thin or too thick. It is best to use it with a removable binding agent and a removable scrubbing seal, otherwise it will be unclean. Cat’s eye nail polish magnets can be used according to your own preferences, you don’t have to buy professional magnets.

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Post time: Apr-27-2021

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