Have you done the right way to store the nail gel?

Nail  gel polish can generally be stored for a long time, and the shelf life is three to five years when it is not opened. But it needs to be preserved after opening. Improper preservation will greatly shorten the service life of the nail polish. Imagine if there is a large bottle of nail polish glue but it has deteriorated, it would be a pity. Therefore, we must understand the correct preservation method of the nail gel to extend the service life of the gel polish.

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The main component of nail polish glue is natural resin, which replaces nail polish. It is a nail product that can be painted and removed directly on the nail. It will be cured under the irradiation of ultraviolet light. Generally speaking, the shelf life of nail polish is three to five years.

Reasons for the deterioration of Nail nail polish:

The main reason why the nail polish gel can dry or deteriorate is that too much contact with the air causes the solvent to evaporate, so we should try to avoid the nail polish  being exposed to the air for a long time. This is also the nail gel polish bottle that must be painted To prevent light transmission, because the nail polish glue will cure when exposed to light. If the nail polish is found to be sticky and dry, it is necessary to doubt whether it has deteriorated. For the user’s health and brand reputation, the deteriorated nail polish cannot be used anymore, and it must be disposed of in time to avoid adverse effects. The store has a negative impact.

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Here are a few common reasons for the deterioration of nail polish:

1. The sealing of the package is not good, and there are gaps in the cap.

2. During use, the mouth of the bottle is kept open until the perfect nail is completed, and then the cap is closed. The nail polish glue is exposed to the air for a long time.

3. During use, the mouth of the bottle was stained with nail polish, which was not cleaned in time, and the nail polish became hard and the bottle cap could not be completely sealed.

4. The nail polish gel residue left on the bottle mouth is easy to fall off or be brought into the bottle by the brush, and it will cause particles and lumps to be produced when used again.

5. The storage position has high light intensity, and the exposure time to ultraviolet light is too long, which causes the nail polish to thicken.

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The correct way to save:

1. When purchasing, confirm whether the sealing performance of the nail polish package is good. Choose a brand name nail polish to ensure a certain degree of quality and packaging.

2. Develop a good habit. Remember to cover and tighten the cap when not in use.

3. Clean the mouth of the nail polish bottle after use to ensure that there is no excessive nail polish residue left on the bottle mouth.

4. The nail polish color glue and resin glue that have not been used for a long time will be a little separated and not fully integrated. This is a normal phenomenon. Shake it before use and shake it well.

5. Store in a ventilated and dark place, avoid direct sunlight, and avoid contact with ultraviolet light.

How to properly preserve nail polish is also a science! Don’t ignore it! !

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