Nail Extension Gel hard & flexible & easy to create structure from professional supplier

Short Description:

Production Name: Nail Extension Gel 

Brand Name: New Color

Valume: 15ml , 30ml , 50ml / tube

Applications: Nail extension, builder , Sculpture , structure create and  nail strengthen 

Type : UV Gel 

Color: bright white ,clear , softwhite , pink , peach , cover pink and Peach  and other 105+ colors are available  

Origin : Guangdong , China 

Product Detail


Nail extension gel hard&flexible & easy to create structure from professional gel polish supplier 

Our Nail Extension Gel Advantage :

1) Eco-friendly and health , Odorless ;

2) As a hard gel , It's easy to apply as artificial Nail Extension ,Short Cure time , 60s each Layer , no pain and low heat polygel

3) High transparent , no duty&bubble , good consistency 

4) Easy to apply , good plastictiy , more flexible but stronger , lighter than builder Gel & Acrylic Gel 

5) Support Customer with Private Logo /Customize Brand 

6) Support Customer with new formula and New Color development 

7) Support OEM , ODM and OBM service 

8) New Color Brand polygel are all for oversea market , like USA , UK , France , Itlay ,Netherland , all Euro Countrys .

9) Unique formula and shades from our factory 

10) 10-free polygel

11) Rock your natural feeling nails for up to a month


 Nail Extension Gel Design Show ----Color Extension Gel Match Natural Nail Well ;There is no rush when working with poly gel for structure as is hard enough .


Clear polygel is transparent  like crystal , easy for us to apply any color gel polish above it and good for any nail art design  create 

Clear polygelStructure Gel


Printed color , white color and other light color are opaque enough , good for us to create French Nail Extension 


Poly UV gel French White Polygel


nail lengthen gel


Color extension gel ---Artificial nail extension  collection total have 108 colors at present including semi-transparent , opaque light color , white ,clear  , glitter color and so on , more colors are joining in

Polygel color

Nail Extension Gel



Nail extension gel Application ---pre-shaped nail tips that are made completely out of the gel and cover the entire nail

To make sure you create the enhancements of your wildest nail dreams, follow the steps as below detail 

Polygel is a great alternative to acrylic or builder gel  and you can do it YOURSELF


Tip :

1) Use slip to shape gel in nali shape ;

2) In case  too hot during curing , please place your nail around the gated of lamp for serval second first ;

3) Polygel need to be filed off not soak off

4) Either gel or traditional polish over top of PolyGel are avaliable 

5) Bonder could be used before New Color base coat to make sure Extension Nail long lasting 

Packaging :

15gram/30gram/50gram polygel  in a tube  , 18pcs in a box ,  12 boxes a Master Carton 

Private Brand Label , foil or Screen printing for tube are available 

Customized color box /kit  box are welcome 

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