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Nail UV gel polish

Color gel polish can now be regarded as a routine operation in nail salons. At first, the nails were mainly divided into crystal nails and phototherapy nails, but now crystal nails are rarely seen. Phototherapy nails need to be irradiated by ultraviolet light after applying phototherapy gel. Later, in order to facilitate the operation, the phototherapy glue was made to be as easy to apply as nail polish. In short, the difference between nail polish and nail polish is that after the nail polish is applied, a lamp is needed.

When making nail polish, you also need to apply some basic gel, such as balance fluid, functional glue, primer, sealant, etc.


Base gel:

The primer is the only nail in these gels that will come into contact with your nails. It mainly relies on weak acidity to stick the subsequent color glue to your nails. Most of them have a slightly acidic taste. In order to bond them, you need to remove the excess water and grease from your nails at the beginning. This is why many nail shops will polish your nails with nails before manicure, not only to remove water and oil, but also to polish your nails. Concave and convex surface, so you can rely on increasing friction to better bond.

UV nail gel polish

Balance fluid;

Some manufacturers will also call nail face purification liquid, drying liquid. I mentioned earlier that in the early days of nail art, the nail surface was often polished. You can think of it as relying on physical methods to ensure adhesion, then chemical methods are balancing fluids. Many manufacturers now claim that without excessive polishing, they can directly apply balance liquid on the nail surface, and use his chemical erosion method to remove water and oil to ensure adhesion to the primer. If you are novices or those who don’t want to polish the nails too much, you can use a balance liquid instead. Of course, you don’t have to worry too much about damaging your nails too much. After all, your face can be acidified with salicylic acid.

Color Uv gel polish
Color gel polish  is the protagonist in the gel, and your color and shape depend on it. Nowadays, in addition to the common colors, there are various styles with glitter, cat’s eye, starry sky, even jelly glue, dirty glue, etc. Basically only you can’t think of it, there is nothing that you can’t buy.


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Functional gel polish

According to the function you need, this can be divided into fixed nail gel polish, extension gel polish, etc. Generally speaking, in order not to affect the shape and color, transparent glue is basically used. If you need to do blooming, you may need transparent glue with good ductility. If you want to make styling or strengthening jewelry, then you need a little stronger glue. In fact, the most important thing is to see if these glues can help you achieve your needs. The purpose achieved.

Pulling gel polish 

Acrylic Gel polish

Some people also call it silk gel polish, spider uv gel polish (sounds not uncomfortable), etc. It is actually a kind of color nail gel , but it has very good ductility and can draw very thin and unbroken lines. It is suitable for line drawing, usually with a drawing pen. Previously, there was a video on Weibo that was pulled by a Russian manicure lady, which was not beautiful.

Top coat nail gel polish:
As the name suggests, the last UV gel used on nail art. Common sealing layers, toughened sealing layers, and frosted sealing layers are now common. Ordinary sealing layer is simply to brighten and protect the nail surface. You can think of the tempered sealing layer as a tempered phone film, but it will be stronger. In addition to the above, the frosted seal layer will make your color UV gel finally produce a frosted effect, which is very suitable for some low-key styles

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